1. Engage

    Greet you neighbors, ask your favorite barista about their day, learn the name of your Postal Carrier.

  2. Dialogue

    One of the best ways to understand your neighbors is to listen. There are a number of ways to get involved with the conversation. Social media is a great way to see what public events such as public forums or panel discussions are held in your neighborhood. Look to your neighborhood association for an ongoing conversation about changes in your neighborhood.

  3. Donate

    Whether it be time, money, or resources; giving back can be a excellent way to become more connected to your community.

  4. Explore

    Take a day trip to your own city! Start by finding a bike path or walk you haven’t tried. Hunt down a restaurant located near the path- or on the way there. Special points awarded to those who can also tie in a local festival, market, or music event into the day.

  5. Plan

    Dedicate time to finding events in your area. Create a calendar just for local events. Seek out the calendar for your local parks to catch all information about concerts, movies, and potlucks. Find your favorite annual events on Facebook and get reminded about events on the horizon.