In a world of online shopping it is easier than ever for people of all ages to spend money on items without thinking. At the same time the cost of large purchases such as housing, education and retirement continue to rise. One of the best ways to combat over spending is to encourage young people to make a habit of saving. Just like teaching kids to brush their teeth or eat their vegetables, learning how to make a habit of saving can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Credit Union Youth Month3 Ways to get Kids to Start Saving Now

  1. Make it a Habit: After Holidays, birthdays, or any other occasions where kids receive money make a point of depositing some or all of the money into a savings account. Show your child how their balance is growing with every deposit.
  2. Use the Coin Machine: Make good use of those piggy banks! If you are visiting a branch with a coin machine take advantage of it. Encourage kids to start collecting their change, or try to save change as a whole family.
  3. Focus on the Rewards: Every kid’s account at Oregonians Credit Union comes with special perks just for kids such as coloring contests and prize drawings! Kids also receive prizes as they saved. Every time a kid makes a deposit of $10 or more into their savings account, they receive a prize. After 8 deposits of $10 or more, they’re entered into a drawing for $50!

Introducing your kids to banking and saving will set them up for financial success, and most importantly lessen financial stress down the road. Starting a relationship with a credit union can also give them access to educational tools, information, and scholarships. It is never too early to start saving!