Have you ever not worked out for a few months (okay maybe years) and then tried to do push-ups? My sister recently challenged me to do 5 push-ups and I ended up on my stomach on the floor laughing uncontrollably because I couldn’t even do one. It was laughably pathetic, but you have to start somewhere! Here are my tips to get you and your savings back into shape.

1. Set Goals

It is important to be specific with your goals. Set goals that are challenging to complete but not out of reach. For example a fitness goal might be to be able to run a 10k or be able to do 5 pull ups. An example of a savings goal might be to have a $1000 emergency fund.

2. Be Consistent

You are not going to make an improvement if you are not consistent. To get fit OR to build a savings account you have to be accountable, have self-discipline, and be patience. To achieve your fitness goals you may try to go to the gym three times a week. You can reach your financial goals by being consistent with savings for example putting away $100 when you receive your paycheck.

3. Don’t Give Up

Be proud at every stage of the process. Every push up or dollar saved gets you get closer to your goal. There will be set backs like unexpected expenses or days when you’re too tired to work out but don’t let it discourage you! Think about how great it will feel when you achieve your goal!